Our services

  • Twinning of schools
  • Distance learning courses on additional platforms
  • Creation of classrooms
  • Online homework and assessments
  • Publication of evaluation results
  • Publication of evaluation corrections

Twin Schools offers you a space to manage courses, homework, exams, students and teachers at your school.
With Twin Schools, save thousands of euros in the creation of websites for the management of your school and allow you to keep a history of assessments and homework for all academic years.

1. Twin your school with others to expand and consolidate your network of partner schools in your country and around the world.

2. Maintain contact between your students and their foreign penpals.

3. Have them practice the language of their twins in alternating sessions by organizing with their teacher speaking conversation sessions with the classes of your twin schools in videoconference mode. One language teacher on each side.

1. Organize online courses, assignments or assessments.

2. Publish corrections.

3. Publish the results of the evaluations.

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